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For the first time ever, my spouse and I decided it was time to rip out the old landscaping and start over (when we purchased the home we are in 12 years ago, the landscaping had just been completed). We were no longer able to keep the weeds at bay, and in general, it was looking messy in spite of our best efforts. We met with John at The Elk River Nursery and described to him what our ideal yard would consist of, including all of our likes and dislikes. We had him draw up a landscape design and bid the project with their nursery doing the labor and with us doing it as we contemplated this huge project (at least, in our minds!) Along the way, our adult son decided he would like to assist his father in order to earn a little extra cash.

There was absolutely no difference in how we were treated at the nursery in what became our weekly trip there to choose more plants, order rock, get advice on pruning, etc., and they seemed genuinely grateful for the business, regardless of whether they were doing the labor or not. We are now 98% done, and I honestly am so pleased with how our yard turned out that I can scarcely put it into words. I had no idea how much pleasure we could get out of some blooming flowers. The design John drew up for us is beautiful; as are the plants and flowers. Every time we went into the nursery, (and bear in mind that they were dealing with true novices) we got so much of their time it was almost embarrassing. In my mind, there is absolutely no reason to go to a big box store to buy anything other than garden seed. The Elk River Nursery provided us with the kind of small-town service you just don't get anymore. It's almost like dealing with family except there is no arguing and that one crazy family member everyone has did not show up. Thanks for everything!

- John & Cindy


I am finally writing this testimonial and I apologize, as it is long overdue. My family moved into a new house in Minnesota in 2008. I needed to find a full-service landscaping business to help me with designing and planting my bare yard. After visiting a few nurseries in town and not finding what I needed, I stumbled across The Elk River Nursery. From the minute I arrived, I knew I had found my nursery. I developed a strong relationship with John, who continues to draw up my plans for me today. I have also had the opportunity to work with Steve. After a recent fender bender on the way home from the nursery, some of my plants I had just purchased, were ruined; Steve replaced them for free. This is just one of the many reasons I continue to take my business to The Elk River Nursery. I am always amazed at John's creative vision and the variety of plants that he has incorporated into the design of my yard. The plants Steve's provides are always of top quality and keep producing each and every year. From design, to the friendly staff, its large inventory, and competitive prices, Steve's can't be beat and that is why they have a found in me a customer for life.

- Jacci

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