How Irrigation Can Give You A "Green" Lawn

The Elk River Nursery can install an irrigation system for you that grows “green” in more ways than one.

  • Healthy Lawn. A luxurious, green lawn comes with good care and regular watering. Your irrigation system from The Elk River nursery will provide consistent, timed watering to keep your grass healthy and growing.
  • Eco-friendly. Your irrigation system can actually conserve and reduce water use through consistent, timed activation to targeted areas (no more watering the street or sidewalk) during off-peak hours, which can result in lowered water usage.
  • Money Saving. Less water use means lower water bills and a healthy lawn means less time and money spent pulling weeds, spreading herbicide and fertilizing.

Go Ahead - Go Barefoot

The Elk River Nursery provides a broad range of irrigation products and services to help you grow a “barefoot friendly” lawn.

  • Design. We’ll assess your yard and your grass, identifying your specific problems or challenges and designing an irrigation system that will suit your exact needs.
  • Installation. At The Elk River Nursery, we install top-of-the-line Hunter brand systems for reliable quality and long-lasting use, utilizing either city water, well systems or even river water.
  • Service. We’ll maintain your existing irrigation system by keeping it in tip-top shape, blowing it out at season’s end or starting it up for you in the spring.


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