Mission & History

At Steve's Elk River Nursery, our company mission since 1985 has been to provide quality plants and excellent quality service to our customers. Every employee of our nursery is dedicated to living this mission during all client interactions.

Steve's Elk River Nursery prides itself on its ability to provide turnkey landscaping solutions regardless of the budget, size or scope of your project. From our initial conversations and brainstorming on paper to placing the finishing touches on the backyard of your dreams, Steve’s is with you every step of the way.

And for those “do-it-yourself” landscapers who are comfortable with a more gradual approach to the work, our professionals are more than willing to offer a helping hand or a quick tip here and there as you make progress.

Now celebrating our 25th anniversary in business, Steve's Elk River Nursery has been around to witness the incredible growth of the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area. While Steve’s is primarily a design-build operation with a residential focus, we have and will work on commercial property projects as well.

The entire staff at Steve's Elk River Nursery is dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction with our work. We feel it’s very important to talk with each and every client about their special needs and develop a relationship based on trust and professionalism. We expect excellence from our staff and won’t settle for less-than-perfect work.

Our founder, Steve, has been involved in the nursery and landscaping industry for 35 years and has a degree in horticulture from the University of Minnesota. It all started when Steve was attending college in the 1970s and got a summer job at a nursery. His love of plant life and the landscaping profession took off from there, and he decided to start his own nursery operation shortly after graduation.

Come in today to meet Steve, the rest of the staff, and take a look around Steve's Elk River Nursery!

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